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If you want to get the most results out of your efforts, here are some bodybuilding tips and tricks you can use right away.

If you want to get big you need to do squats and deadlifts. The heavy resistance you use when you do these types of exercises will make your whole body grow - not just your legs!

Working with a training partner will give you more motivation and force you to work harder than you could on your own, this will help maximize your training and help you reach you goals faster.

Pressing exercises work mostly the front of the shoulders, if you want to get super wide shoulders do lateral raises while leaning slightly forward. Doing them this way will build the side of the shoulder and that is the part that gives you width, not the front.

Always keep a log of your workouts, including exercises, weight, sets, reps, etc. By doing this, you’ll be able to track your progress and know when you need to make changes or when to keep up the same program.

Never forget how important proportion is, too many bodybuilders overlook this and end up with some muscles overdeveloped and some underdeveloped, which looks awful. Always give equal time to all muscle groups and watch your body for any muscles that need extra attention because then are not in the right proportion with the rest of your body.

Six pack abs come from correct bodybuilding nutrition and cardio. Doing endless ab work does not burn fat off the waist. Work abs like any other muscle group and diet to get you body fat low enough so they are razor sharp.

Work each body part twice a week if you want to gain mass, once a week is not enough. The muscle will have grown and will be ready to be trained again after 4 or 5 days if you wait 7 days it will have slightly atrophied already.

Once you are training and eating right for your goals, you should look into bodybuilding supplements to help take you body to the next level.

Get at least 8 solid hours of good restful sleep each and every night!

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